Wealthy Affiliate Financial Plan

You never know what you can predict in life. Sometimes there will be hard times, other times it is smooth sailing.

In fact, Julie gave her heart and soul to her job. Julie worked late nights, sometimes twice a week. Julie’s Supervisor would ask Julie to do the work of two people and Julie did it. Julie was dedicated! And you know what happened? Julie’s Supervisor promised her a promotion. Then, Julie saw her promotion on a job board and her Supervisor did not let her apply for it. Her Supervisor had Julie train a brand new person, who would become her new boss. Then after Julie finished training her new boss on the job, the workplace wrote Julie out of the budget.

Ouch, right? Julie’s mistake was that she did not plan for a disaster. She put her heart and soul in her job without thinking of the possible things that could go wrong.

You got to plan. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t put your heart and soul into one particular job. Ask yourself, where will you be in a couple years from now? How should I plan so I will be secure? One of the best plans is Wealthy Affiliate.

Join the Best Opportunity

Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic program. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that it teaches you how to create a successful online business.
You can start the program part-time while still keeping your day job. I did the program part-time. I have tons of interests outside of work.

Apprehensive? Wealthy Affiliate allows you to start here for free. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the following:

  • How to create a blog
  • How to pick a niche
  • Create excellent content on your blog to attract customers.
  • How to get free pictures for your blog
  • Help from the founders, Kyle and Carson
  • Learn how to advertise your business
  • No upsells, breathe with relief 

To read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

Remember, don’t expect to become rich overnight. You need to put in months of effort in order to become successful. If you are looking to make a fast million, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you!

Become Successful

If you are successful with Wealthy Affiliate, you must be careful with your money. Don’t spend all your money on fancy vacations, entertaining, and fine dining. Although, you will probably get to do that more once you are successful. Consider saving money for your kids’ college and eventual retirement. Chances are that you don’t want to work forever. Well, some people do. But you need to plan in case you don’t want to work forever.

If you are pulling in good money, consider opening up a brokerage account. There are many types of vehicles that you can use such as Ira’s, Roth Ira’s, Keogh plans. If Uncle Sam comes collecting, you want to make sure that he gets as little as possible in order that you get keep your money. Speak to your tax attorney or accountant.

It is important to have a plan to make sure you will be able to roll with the punches and survive the ups and downs of life. Just keep planning.

I would love to hear your successes or failures and what you learned. Who created a plan and how did it help them?

To all of your success:



Note: Nothing here is meant to be taken as financial or legal advice. Please contact your own financial adviser or attorney for guidance.