Truth About MLM’s

MLM’s may look attractive. Many of them promise high commissions and prizes like cars, jewelry, free gas, electricity, vacations, et cetera. Sounds great? Not if you understand it deeper.

A MLM is a Multi Level Marketing company that involves consultants or salespeople selling products to customers and recruiting more customer/salespeople along the way. Those recruits are your downline. The earnings of the consultants is based on pyramid type of structure.
It assumes if you can convince three people to join, then those people convince another three people to join, and then those people convince another three people to join and on and on and on…you will be a multimillionaire. Quite frankly, that’s too good to be true.

MLM’s are different from pyramid schemes. To understand what Pyramid Schemes are and how to avoid them, read my article on Pyramid Schemes Explained.

Hefty Investment

After joining the MLM, you need to buy a starter kit. In order to remain in good standing to keep your consultant status, you need to continue purchasing the company’s products or you need to quickly create a downline that is making sales quickly.

Many times, a MLM products are extremely pricey and you can seriously buy something cheaper and better at Walmart or Amazon. People may refuse to buy simply because the products are extremely overpriced. You have to be a very good seller in order to prove to people why they should spend a lot of money on your products.

Lack of Training

Different people are successful in selling in different ways. Most MLM’s tell you to create a list of 100 people that you know to pitch your product.  Also, you need to tell everyone that you meet about your wonderful business opportunity.

That make work well for some people. They can easily brush off rejection and continue to recruit an army. However, many people can’t do it. The idea of recruitng your Uber driver, mailman, or waitress sounds ghastly to many people. In fact, 99% of people that sign up for MLM’s don’t make any money.

Some people are better at recruiting through social media, and others may prefer SEO or PPC. However, MLM’s teach people the same old boiler plate techniques that worked for their top 1%, but might not work for you.
Most of the sales techniques taught are harrassing your friends, relatives, and coworkers to buy and sell your overpriced products.

Market Saturation

Many times an MLM market is highly saturated. Your friends and neighbors don’t want to be contacted time after time about this awesome business opportunity! Many of your friends that heard of your company have already chosen a consultant. Hearing you talk will drive them crazy!

If there are plenty of consultants in your area, you won’t make any money. The same consultant that recruited you, already took away your potential downline and customers. Sorry.

A Product that Actually Works – Wealthy Affiliate

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Learn How to Market Yourself

Wealthy Affiliate trains you to be successful. You are taught how to market yourself properly. Some people work better with Social Media marketing, SEO, or PPC. Wealthy Affiliate will train you how to you those skills plus more. There is no cookie cutter way to success.

There is another tool, Jaaxy that Wealthy Affiliate helps you learn how to navigate. Jaaxy is a keyword tool that helps you choose which keywords to put on your blog posts. It lets you know which keywords have hefty competition or low competition and which keywords are popular.
You will learn how to have your website at the top of Google based on keywords.

Reasonable Price

Did you ever go to purchase a product and the salesperson tacked on all these extra fees? Don’t you hate that?

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform with support from the founders, Kyle and Carson, 24/7 tech support, support from members, educational articles, and educational videos. There are no upsells or hidden fees.

The pricing for Wealthy Affiliate is straightforward. It is free for Starter Membership and Premium Membership is $19 for the first month and $49 for all subsequent months. There is nothing else that you have to worry about paying for in order to learn how to be a successful Affiliate Marketer.

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I hope this helps you understand how to avoid MLM’s. Please don’t hesitate to post any wins or losses. I would love to hear from your experiences. Let me know if I can be of any help to you.

Good Luck!