How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to avoiding scams in Affiliate Marketing. When I first started Affiliate Marketing, I accidentally signed up with a company whose practice was a borderline scam/pyramid scheme. The deal was that I would pay $1,500 USD upfront and then $197 USD per month for first year; $97 USD per month after 12 months.

After two days, I had buyer’s remorse. The company had promised me that I would be wealthy and it was worth it for me to spend such a large sum of money.  I realized that the company was not going to help me create my business, but wanted me to promote their business and convince other people to invest large sums of money as well. I reviewed the company contract and realized there was a hole in it. The company had charged me differently on my credit card than specified in the contract. I immediately canceled my subscription with that company and filed a fraud report with my credit card company, Discover. I sent Discover a copy of the contract and Discover refunded me.

Discover’s excellent fraud department, 5% cash back for different places each quarter like or grocery stores on up to $1,5000, and the for-dollar match of all the cash back earned at the end of the first year are some reasons that I love Discover.

Yep, I’m lucky. So, I decided that I was still interested in Affiliate Marketing, but I was going to be very careful! I did more research and found Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is the best company for Affiliate Marketer newbies or seasoned Affiliate Marketers.

Based on my experience and research, I have found the signs of Affiliate Marketing Scams:

Does Not Give All The Information Upfront

A sign that you should run from an Affiliate Marketing company is if the company does not explain what they do upfront. Companies that spam your inbox with these lofty ideas about how you’ll be successful, rich, and have an unlimited stream of leads by signing up with them without specifying how, run!  They could be giving you second rate garbage for all you know!

Constant Upsells

Another sign that should have you running is if the company has tons of upsells. A common theme in Affiliate Marketing scams is that companies will get you into their program by offering free or low fee membership. After you sign up, they give you a whole sales pitch to persuade you to spend thousands of dollars in their products. Now, let’s grab a good pair of sneakers and run!

Offering a Free Book

Some companies will offer you free books in order to teach you about Affiliate Marketing, especially on Social Media. In reality, they are simply trying to get your contact information and will spam your email to infinity trying to get you buy their products. Often, those books are simply promotional and lack any real information on training you for Affiliate Marketing.

For more information on scams, please read my articles on the Truth of MLM’s and Pyramid Schemes Explained.

The Right Way to Build Your Business

There are ethical Affiliate Marketing Companies out there such as Wealthy Affiliate. Here are the reasons that I am still a member and why I would recommend it to anyone:

a. Helps you choose a niche.

b. Step by step directions on how to build your own niche website/blog.

c. Teaches you how to generate traffic to your website.

d. Teaches you how to generate income through affiliate programs.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you all of this. There are no upsells or tricks to persuade you to purchase expensive products. You are guaranteed to be in good hands! Not sure yet? You can join Wealthy Affiliate through their free starter membership! However, once you start Wealthy Affiliate starter member, there is a good chance that you would like to join the premium membership!

If you are ready to learn how to build your business right and begin your fun journey, click here!

I hope this post was helpful in teaching you the difference between good and bad Affiliate Marketers. If you have notice any of these bad signs of Affiliate Marketing, get out your sneakers and run!

Good luck and I hope to see you,