About Shira


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My life changed when I met my wonderful husband. He introduced me into the world of powerlifting . No matter how hard it was for me to lift weight, I was never discouraged and kept working towards my goal of getting stronger.

The principle of never giving up in powerlifting is what led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

I saw many of my peers crash and fall with career choices and finances. I saw that people were stuck and they needed direction. Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to create a successful business from home. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie with no technological experience or seasoned in affiliate marketing. All you need is a positive, no quitter attitude in order to be successful. The work that you put it, determines how far you will go in creating your business.

My Aim With HomeBizChief.com

I want to help you create a passive income from home. You will learn how to create a website, generate website traffic, and much more with Wealthy Affiliate.

Imagine entering a world that you thought was impossible. Wealthy Affiliate turns the tasks that you thought were impossible into possible.

Are you ready to begin the satisfying journey with me? Are you ready to kick failure aside and work towards something that will change your life? If you ever need a hand or have any questions in your journey, I will be thrilled to help you.  Please feel free to message me below.

Let’s begin creating something special,